Protection From Cancer: 7 Simple Food Tips

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By Dr. Sandeep Nayak


Did you know that simple dietary changes can help raise levels of immunity, resistance and longevity and help prevent and fight cancer? Well, to begin with, here are seven of them:

  • Choose whole grains over refined flour. The whole grains are more nutritious than polished.
  • Fresh fruits help repair damaged cell, thereby assist in fighting cancer. Four servings a day is highly recommended.
  • Vegetables contain nutrients that help in detoxifying dangerous elements. Have a healthy serving with every meal.
  • Keep the red meat at bay. Choose fish over meat. Red meat is known to increase the risk of bowel cancer.
  • Consume less fat. Some cancers are linked to high intake of fatty food.
  • Avoid sweet meat. Refined sugars have high glycemic index. They are bad for your health.
  • Say no to booze. It not only inebriates, but also can increase cancer risk.


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